Close up on a grey blanky weighted blanket.

Weighted Blankets and their amazing effect

Weighted blankets are a scientifically proven solution to improve your sleep. These types of blankets have been used for over 15 years to treat autism, anxiety, and OCD as they help our nervous system relax. They also are a natural weapon against sleep disorders like insomnia.

Weighted blankets have also been scientifically proved to provide a much higher sleep quality to the average person. By increasing the number of slept hours and reducing the number of movements during the night you will feel less stressed and anxious while also noticing an overall increase in happiness and energy.

You will regain that happy feeling of sleeping well.



Feel better

The gentle warmth of blanky  increases serotonin levels, the hormone of happiness


Sleep better

blanky's weight distribution allows for a deeper and more natural sleep, avoiding the use of supplements or pills


A "comfortable" hug

This is the feeling our customers get... only possible due to the use of the best materials in the production of our blankets.

Woman resting with a blanky weighted blanket with a white Minky cover.

How do they work?

blanky uses DTP (“Deep touch pressure” - or what many call "a massage") to apply localized pressure on your muscles. This is what makes your body relax and helps your body to produce a series of "beneficial" hormones - it is the combination of these two effects that improves sleep quality and decreases stress and anxiety.

These effects are scientifically proven and that is why weighted blankets have been used for the last 15 years in countries like Canada, USA or Sweden to help people with autism disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD / OCD) and anxiety (among others).

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