Our Social Commitment

Know more about the institutions we work with

Various blanky donated to an autism institution.

Our social commitment has its genesis in the idea of “0 waste”, thus we collaborate with several institutions specializing in areas where a weighted blanket can be useful. If you are part of one of these institutions, contact us and we will evaluate any partnership opportunities.

Therefore, when you buy a blanky, you are also helping those who need it the most. With every purchase of a blanky: you sleep well and so do they. 

Some of the institutions we are currently working with (to find out more click on their name):

- Federação Portuguesa de Autismo (FDPA), which works for the inclusion of people in society, through employment.

- Associação Portuguesa para as Perturbações do Desenvolvimento e Autismo (APPDA), whose mission is to provide services to people with autism spectrum disorders.

Cercima, which enables the development of children with disabilities at emotional, cognitive and social levels;

Mundos de Vida, which is dedicated to caring for children at risk;

Citador de Sonhos an association that supports needy and homeless families.

- APPACDM promotes the integration into the society of citizens with intellectual disabilities.

Blanky donated to APPACDM institution.