Winter Cover

Winter Cover

Perfect for:


  • Not having to wash your blanky (just wash the cover instead!);
  • Those winter days in front of the fireplace;
  • Those winter nights snuggling in the bed.


Product information:


The cover is made of knitted Minky, a hypoallergenic, super soft and fluffy fabric that has a feeling similar to velvet (but is even smoother).

This is the ideal fabric for Winter, guaranteeing extra comfort and warmth when using your blanky. In short... You have to try it!

  • Our covers have been engineered with inner straps so that they tie perfectly with our blankys. These straps allow for easy attachment so that your blanky doesn't float overnight.

  • The cover is easy to wash and can be machine washed at low temperatures.


100-night guarantee

3-year warranty

Beautiful design box

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