Made in Portugal

Made in Portugal

Note: blanky Made In Portugal is made to order - we take 5-10 weekdays to manufacture the blanket and then ship it to your home, which may take a further 5-10 weekdays.


Why sleep with a weighted blanket?

•   Recommended by specialists for a better sleep
•   88% of people say they sleep better with a weighted blanket

•   Wake up less during the night and more relaxed in the morning


Why choose blanky made in Portugal?


It’s the first and only weighted blanket designed and made in Portugal.  blanky allows you to have a better and more peaceful sleep, while enjoying the amazing quality of Portuguese craftmanship. It contains 7 unique layers, with the outer one being in 300 thread cotton sateen.


Scientifically Proven Benefits:


Just like a massage, blanky applies localized pressure to your muscles to help you relax. The technique is called Deep Sensory Stimulation (or Deep-Touch Pressure DTP), and it helps to:


• Reduce Stress and Anxiety by lowering your cortisol levels (stress hormone, no thank you!).

• Improve happiness and general wellbeing by upping your serotonin levels (the happiness hormone).

  • Individual:

    If you sleep by yourself your weighted blanket should have approximately 10% of your weight.



    If you are sharing your blanky, we recommend choosing a 11kg blanket.

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Opening your blanky should be as amazing as sleeping with it.

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