blanky Winter

blanky Winter

Why sleep with a weighted blanket?


•   Recommended by specialists for a superior quality sleep
•   88% of people say they sleep better with a blanky

•   A deeper and more relaxed sleep


Why choose blanky Winter?


Blanky winter is the perfect winter companion, made for those who want to immerse themselves in a warm, cosy embrace. It combines two of our preferred things: our high-quality weighted blanket and our incredible winter cover, with the result being a blanket as warm as a Nordic duvet but with all the sleep-inducing benefits of the best weighted blankets.


The cover is made of minky, a super soft and fluffy fabric that has a feeling similar to velvet (but even smoother). Our clients have described its embrace as what they imagine a cloud feels like… A feeling you will only understand after trying it out.


Who said humans can’t hibernate? Maybe they haven’t tried blanky Winter.


If you already have a blanky, you might prefer to buy only our Winter Cover.

  • Individual:

    If you sleep by yourself your weighted blanket should have approximately 10% of your weight.



    If you are going to share the blanky, we recommend you to choose the 11kg one.

€254.00 Regular Price
€203.20Sale Price

100-night guarantee

3-year warranty

Beautiful design box

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