blanky Comfort

blanky Comfort

Why sleep with a weighted blanket?


•   Recommended by specialists for a superior quality sleep
•   88% of people say they sleep better with a blanky

•   A deeper and more relaxed sleep


Why choose blanky Confort?


We are perhaps a bit selfish because blanky Confort was created by us, for us, to provide the best sleep experience possible. A unique blanket, made in 7 layers and coated in 300 thread cotton sateen to guarantee:


•  Maximum comfort in your sleep (who doesn't love to sleep cozy?);

•  A hypoallergenic and anti-toxic blanket;

•  Perfect weight distribution;


Scientifically Proven Benefits:


Just like a massage, blanky applies localized pressure to your muscles to help you relax. The technique is called Deep Sensory Stimulation (or Deep-Touch Pressure DTP), and it helps to:


•  Reduce Stress and Anxiety by lowering your cortisol levels (stress hormone, no thank you!).

•  Improve happiness and general wellbeing by upping your serotonin levels (the happiness hormone).

•  Relax and get calmer.

  • Individual:

    If you sleep by yourself your weighted blanket should have approximately 10% of your weight.



    If you are going to share the blanky, we recommend that you choose according to the weight of the lightest element in the couple:

    < 50kg – 9kg

    50-70kg – 11kg

    >70kg – 13kg

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100-night guarantee

3-year warranty

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