blanky ICE

blanky ICE

Why sleep with a weighted blanket?


• Recommended by specialists for a superior quality sleep
• 88% of people say they sleep better with a blanky

• A deeper and more relaxed sleep


Why choose blanky ICE?


blanky ICE is a cooling weighted blanket, perfect for hot sleepers who like to sleep cosy and comfortable. And yes, it really is a cooling blanket… Made of bamboo sateen, this blanket eliminates night sweats to help you sleep cool and dry all night long. It feels like a gentle hug that calms your body and helps you sleep easy, without tossing and turning throughout the night.


That's why blanky ICE will be your new best buddy in bed.


This blanket is made with a special type of bamboo that pulls your moisture away as soon as you start to sweat – this is completely different from the experience provided by cotton sheets or duvets, as those trap the sweat! And that’s also why this is SO.MUCH.BETTER!


Immerse yourself in deep sleep with the cool embrace of blanky ICE.


If you already have a blanky, you might prefer to buy only our ICE cover.


By the way: you may also want to consider our ICE sheets!


How it works?


Blanky ICE is designed to dissipate sweat moisture and disperse the heat generated by your body. It cools you through the night guaranteeing you the perfect sleep!


In addition, blanky ICE also uses deep-touch pressure (the DTP effect, similar to a massage) to apply localized pressure to your muscles and help you relax, thus leading to better sleep.


  • Individual:

    If you sleep by yourself your weighted blanket should have approximately 10% of your weight.



    If you are going to share the blanky, we recommend that you choose according to the weight of the lightest element in the couple:

    < 50kg – 9kg

    50-70kg – 11kg

    >70kg – 13kg

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