ICE Cover

ICE Cover

ICE Cover – a cover to cool your Summer


This 300 thread sateen bamboo cover guarantees the coldest nights, even in the hottest months, all due to its innovative technology. The ICE cover is cool to the touch and relieves night sweats – it’s perfect for hot sleepers. It’s made with viscose bamboo, which pulls your moisture away as soon as you start to sweat – this is completely different from the experience provided by cotton sheets or duvets, as those trap the sweat! And that’s also why this is SO.MUCH.BETTER!  Bottom line: the perfect complement to your blanky!


Made specially for those nights when you can’t stop turning due to the heat… And for couples where one or both members are hot sleepers!


Product Information:


Our ICE covers are made from 100% bamboo sateen with a soft and smooth touch. This is a completely natural thread which is naturally cold to the touch, moisture-wicking, light and airy. As you move around during the night, you will feel its cooling, soothing touch, which makes it the ideal fabric for hot summer nights.


In summary: You have to try it!


By the way: you may also want to consider our ICE sheets!

  • Our covers have been engineered with inner straps so that they tie perfectly with our blankys. These straps allow for easy attachment so that your blanky doesn't float overnight.

  • The cover is easy to wash and can be machine washed at low temperatures.


100-night guarantee

3-year warranty

Beautiful design box

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Fall in love with your blanky or get your money back.


We cover all manufacturing defects.

Opening your blanky should be as amazing as sleeping with it.

Easy to wash and clean. 

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