About Us

Blanky is a Portuguese brand with the ambition of helping as many people as possible to sleep better and suffer less from anxiety and stress!

We intend to make weighted blankets and the health benefits associated with their use, especially sleep improvement, accessible to the "average" consumer and we have been present in Portugal and Spain since the first day.


All our blankets are designed in Portugal to provide maximum comfort using the best fabrics and techniques - the aim is not only to offer a weighted blanket to the Iberian market, but to offer the best blanket of the market.

Currently, part of our range is produced in Portugal, with top-of-the-range fabrics, making blanky an innovative, unique and long-term company.


In short, we work to be your bedtime companion helping you have better dreams! ❤ 


Blanky founders holding a blanky weighted blanket.



At blanky we collaborate with experts who help us demonstrate how to improve sleep quality.


Dr. André Ponte, Hospital Assistant of Psychiatry at Divino Espírito Santo Hospital in Ponta Delgada.

Dra. Margarida Mendes, Neuropsychologist at the Clinic of Santo António, Grupo Lusíadas Saúde.


Dr. Javier Albares, director and founder of the Clínica Medicina do Sono Doctor Albares.