Brand tag on the blanky weighted blanket.

Our 100-Night Money Back Guarantee

5 years ago we were as skeptical as you are right now: "How can a blanket have such a large impact on my sleep and on my daily life and happiness?". And we get it: it's a fair question to have.

That's why we developed our 100 night money back guarantee. It's true, we really want and hope you see all the benefits of a weighted blanket on your first night with it. But hey, if that's not how it works out, you have 99 more nights to fall in love with it

If you are not used to the extra weight, a weighted blanket may feel strange when you sleep under it for the first time. It can take up to 1 week to get used to sleeping under the weight - if you are feeling that, we recommend that on the first few days you use it for a couple hours on the sofa before trying to sleep with the blanky for the whole night.

If it doesn't work for you or you are simply unsatisfied with the product we will fully refund you, no complications and no questions asked.

Read more about our return and exchange program, here.

Note: Although blanky offers FREE shipping, you are responsible for the return/exchange shipping costs.